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COUL(/kuːl/) was founded by programmers who were looking for a keyboard that solves our problems. An ergonomic keyboard that allows us to use the home row as the arrow keys in all applications. A Ctrl key placed at a more convenient location. New thumb modifier keys that allow easy access to frequently used functionalities and a lot more.

Eventually, we realized that we have to make the keyboard ourselves. So we went on to build our supply chain for manufacturing the keyboard. This month, we have passed all the related certification tests such as FCC. We will be shipping the first batch of keyboards in December.

We are giving out $20 coupon before December.

Drop us a line today using Facebook Messenger by clicking here, or sending us an email at

COUL Ergonomic Keyboard

Keyboard with COUL ergonomic design has three distinctive features:

VIM Key,   Centered Touchpad,   COUL Key

Centered Touchpad

A centered touchpad minimizes the distance between your pointing fingers and your pointing device.

Minimizing hand moving distance is one of the key principles in COUL Ergonomics.

COUL Ergonomics


COUL key is a combination of COUL modifier key and Enter key. It offers a new set of productive shortcuts based on functionality.

Now you can hit Enter with your right thumb instead of your little finger.

COUL Key Shortcuts Table


VIM key allows your hand to hit the arrow keys without leaving the home row.

For model V1, the VIM key can also be used as an Escape key.

VIM Key Shortcuts Table

Media Keys

Media keys are relocated to the bottom left corner. Now you can quickly mute the sound without looking at your keyboard.

Keyboard Layout

V1 E1

Two configuration options available.

V1 for Vim users.

E1 for Everyone.

Differences between V1 and E1

Unbox Video

Check out the unbox video on our Youtube channel.

COUL Youtube

COUL Ergonomics

COUL Ergonomics is a new category of keyboard design. To fully appreciate all the comfortability and productivity it delivers, you got to try it out yourself.

E1 for Everyone



V1 for Vim users




Why is the price lower when I choose a later delivery date?

Due to initial limited production capacity, only limited inventory is currently available. By placing your pre-order, you enable us to make accurate inventory forecast and therefore reduce costs. In exchange, the price for pre-order is lower in proportion to the wait time. The pre-order sales price will be increased on a monthly basis.

If I choose 'Ship before Mar 2020', when will the product be shipped?

For pre-order, we ship the product in the last two weeks of the previous month, which in this case is mid February 2020. We would ship the product earlier if we have extra inventory available.

What operating systems are supported?

Model V1 and E1 have been tested in Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. Due to the differences in these operating systems, some keyboard functionalities are different.